How to Apply Wall Stickers

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Before you start to apply your new stickers, have a good read through these simple instructions and remember:

  • You won’t be able to reposition the vinyl after removing the backing paper, so plan carefully where you are going to put your graphic before doing so.
  • Stickers are not reusable items so please take great care. They can be easily removed but may become damaged in the process.
  • Take care not to damage paintwork when removing vinyls from painted walls - you may find it easier to use a hairdryer which softens the adhesive.

Please note in very rare cases vinyl can show creases due to the way the item has been handled by the courier. Vinyl is very elastic and those temporary imperfections can be quickly fixed using the squeegee or any plastic card. Heating the vinyl gently with a hair dryer will help remove very stubborn creases.

  • 1. You can apply your wall sticker to any smooth flat surface but make sure it is clean of dirt or grit and completely dry. You must leave newly painted walls at least 2 weeks before applying wall stickers.

  • 2. Lay the sticker on the table, facing down (backing paper on top), and gently remove the backing paper making sure the letters stay on application tape (bottom layer). Remove the paper up to half of the sticker, then re-apply it back. Repeat the process from other side. This will ensure backing paper will come off easily when applying the sticker to the wall. Please see video tutorial here

  • 3. Some items will be supplied pre-cut but you may find it easier to trim around the graphic before applying. Theme elements (ie. butterflies) are meant to be cut out from the sheet and arranged on the wall individually.

  • 4. It is important to plan the composition carefully. Once you have decided where your sticker is going to be positioned, use masking tape to hold it in place.

  • 5. Lift graphic carefully peel the backing paper to half way, making sure all the graphic is on the transfer paper. If the vinyl is stuck to the paper, smooth the paper back onto the transfer film until is sticks and then retry.

  • 6. Move the squeegee (or any plastic card/credit card) over the design at 45 degrees as you apply. Apply in a firm smooth motion so you don’t get any air bubbles. Remember vinyl is very sticky so keep the rest away from the wall whilst you apply.

  • 7. Wait 10 minutes and then peel back the edge of the transfer film and remove, pulling slowly and carefully away at 180 degrees to the vinyl. If the vinyl pulls away with the transfer film, use the squeegee some more.

Handy Hints

  • Remember to experiment with the position of the artwork before removing the backing. Once stick it can’t be moved!
  • When applying to glass, spray warm water on to the surface before applying the sticker. This gives you a bit of time to get the position right, but most importantly it will help remove any bubbles when you smooth it down. Let is dry completely before you remove the application tape, otherwise, this may lift the vinyl from the glass.
  • Don’t do it all at once. Large designs can be split into easier-to-manage sections.
  • Take your time. It’s always tempting to slap it on and remove the application tape quickly with the anticipation of beholding your creation, but slow down and take care, especially when smoothing down the artwork and peeling of the application tape.
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How to Apply Wall Stickers

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