Frequently Asked Questions

What is vinyl lettering and art made of?

The vinyl is a thin adhesive-backed material that is flexible and easily conforms and adheres to the surface it is applied to. All of our vinyl wall products are produced in a matte-finished vinyl that will give your walls a unique and perfectly hand-painted look.

How are Wall Designer wall products made?

All of our products are made with a considerable amount of hands on work and top of the line machinery. Once designs are final and cut-ready, they are sent from computer to machine to be precision-cut with a tiny little blade on colored vinyl. The vinyl is then weeded by hand, meaning all excess vinyl is removed. The artwork and lettering is then masked with transfer tape and packaged for shipment.

Do I have to apply all the letters onto my surface individually?

No way! That would take forever and might turn out crooked. Your vinyl wall decals will come ready to apply with all lettering pre-spaced, usually on one panel. There will be three layers: the backing liner on bottom, the vinyl artwork in the middle, and a clear or translucent transfer tape on top. Depending on how large and how many colors are used in your design, it may come in two or more sections that will need to be applied separately on your wall or other surface. But no worries! Instructions are provided and alignment marks are included to make installation quick and easy for multiple part decals.

Are your vinyl wall products removable and reusable?

Vinyl wall products are easily removable, making them a great decorating option for both homeowners and renters. However, they are not generally reusable. When you remove your vinyl wall products, the vinyl will typically stretch and tear and because each letter is individually cut, there will be no means to transfer the whole layout to another surface.

How long will vinyl lettering and art last once it is applied?

Our vinyl wall products are made with high quality matte-finished vinyl with an outdoor life expectancy of 4 years. With indoor applications, the vinyl is not exposed to weather or dramatic temperature changes and will last just about as long as you want it to.

Can I store my vinyl wall products until I am ready to apply?

Our vinyl wall products are made fresh just for you upon purchase and may be stored for up to 6 weeks. However, for best results, it is recommended to install within a few days of receipt. If your vinyl wall products will not be applied right away, be sure to store them in a clean, dry area at room temperature either rolled up with lettering facing out or lay flat if possible. Do not fold or bend the decals.

Will vinyl wall products stick to any surface?

Vinyl wall lettering and art will stick to almost any non-porous smooth surface such as painted walls, windows, glass, mirrors, tile, smooth metal, and wood that is sealed. Lightly textured walls are usually acceptable, but medium to heavy textures are not. Vinyl wall products will not adhere to rough or uneven surfaces such as cinder block, brick, stucco, unfinished wood, or any other surface that is porous and bumpy. Walls with flat, semi-gloss, and gloss paint are generally favorable. The compatibility of specialty paints, high gloss paint, faux paint finishes, glazes, lacquers, wallpapers, or any other questionable texture or surface should be tested prior to installing vinyl wall products. It is strongly recommended to test a sample on the area before placing your final purchase.

Can I apply my vinyl wall decals on wallpaper?

Yes, vinyl wall decals can be applied to some types of wallpaper. Not all wallpaper is created equally and can vary in texture. There is a chance that vinyl wall products will not stick to the wallpaper due to its texture and/or gloss and there is a possibility of damage to the wallpaper if the vinyl is removed. It is recommended to test the wallpaper surface with a vinyl sample first.

Can I apply vinyl lettering and art in a bathroom or other high moisture area?

Yes. Water and humidity will not affect or damage your vinyl wall lettering and art after it is applied. Just be sure your surface is clean and dry during application.

Can I apply my vinyl wall decals on freshly painted walls?

Freshly painted walls should be allowed to fully dry and cure for three weeks (yes, even quick dry paints).

Can Wall Designer lettering and art be used outdoors?

Yes! The matte-finished vinyl that we use to produce our lettering and art can be used outdoors and is rated with an outdoor life expectancy of 3 years. Vinyl lettering and decals work great on vehicle windows, mailboxes, the windows or door of your home, or any other smooth, non-porous surface. When applying vinyl outdoors, the surface should be between 50 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit during installation in order for the vinyl to adhere and perform properly. If you have a project in mind that will require higher rated outdoor vinyl, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Should any preparation be done before installing my vinyl wall products?

The surface must be clean and dry before application. Dirt/grime (including cigarette smoke) can make application difficult and can cause the lettering to peel from the surface. Walls may be wiped down with a damp cloth or sponge, but be sure the surface is fully dry before applying your wall art. A small amount of gentle dish soap mixed with water may be used if necessary, but avoid harsh cleaners and make sure not to leave any soapy residue behind.

Help! My vinyl wall lettering is not sticking to the wall. What should I do?

Make sure that the wall is clean and dry and that both the wall and decal are at room temperature. If the surface is too cold, you may gently and gradually warm it up with a hair dryer on the low setting. Avoid applying your decals during humid climate which can make it difficult for the transfer tape to release. Make sure that there NO residue on the surface, such as dust, dirt, grime, grease, or smoke. If you cleaned the walls in preparation of installing your vinyl, be sure there is no leftover residue, including any soap that may have been used to clean the surface. Make sure you have allowed enough time for the wall to completely dry. It may feel and appear dry, but moisture may have absorbed into the surface and as it continues to dry, it will break the adhesive bond on the vinyl.

With the wall properly prepared and the decal in place on the wall, squeegee the decal onto the wall with the provided applicator tool using a bit of pressure. Some walls, due to different paints and textures, can be more difficult than others and may require a little extra care and patience. Slowly, while pressing the lettering down with your finger, pull the transfer tape back onto itself to remove it (not straight up at a 90 degree angle). Once the lettering is on the wall and transfer tape removed, you may also warm the vinyl up slightly with a hair dryer on low setting to make the vinyl more pliable and allow the adhesive to form a stronger bond with the surface. Be careful not overheat the vinyl which will cause it to warp and shrink. Use your finger to press the vinyl onto the wall into the texture while it is warm. Do not use the applicator tool on the vinyl once the transfer tape is removed and the vinyl is warmed up or you may stretch or disfigure the vinyl or risk leaving scratches on it.

If you find parts of your wall decal are peeling off over time, you may try warming it up with a hair dryer on low setting to reactivate the adhesive. Press the vinyl back onto the wall and allow it to cool and set. You may also dab a bit of washable craft glue, glue stick, or wallpaper paste to reattach it.

Will Wall Designer wall decals damage my walls?

Our vinyl wall products are produced with professional top quality materials that are engineered for indoor use with a special adhesive that allows for safe, clean, and easy removal. As with any decorating medium, there is a slight potential for minor wall damage that may require small touchups. If walls have been prepared and maintained as recommended, there should be no damage after removal.

How do I clean the surface that my vinyl art is on after it has been applied?

You may use a damp soft cloth or sponge to wipe over your vinyl lettering and art. Avoid using cleaners or anything abrasive. If your vinyl is on glass or a mirror, avoid cleaners containing ammonia, alcohol, or citrus.

How to remove vinyl lettering:

Our wall vinyl has a low-tack adhesive making it easily removable with little to no residue left behind. Simply lift the corner of each letter with your fingernail, toothpick or a pair of tweezers and pull off of the wall at a slight angle. If your lettering has been on your wall for a long period of time, you may warm up the vinyl with a hair dryer to enable the adhesive to release easier.


Because all orders are custom made especially for you with your desired choice of colour, size and personalization, we do not accept returns. Please consider size and color choices carefully prior to submitting your order. If you are unsure of a color or the compatibility of our vinyl products for your intended surface, you may purchase a sample pack from us that will include a sample decal and colour samples of your choice.


Wall Designer does not guarantee that our vinyl products will be compatible with all surfaces or that they will work on one wall in the same way as another. Not all walls, painted surfaces and textures are created equal. Wall Designer shall not be held liable for any damage or paint removal that may occur during installation or removal. Apply at your own risk, and if in doubt, test it out!