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Train Insane - Gym Motivational Decal Wall Sticker

Train Insane - Gym Motivational Decal Wall Sticker
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Transform your room instantly. Create your very own personalised sticker, a stunning focal point for your wall. Cut precisely from thin adhesive premium quality vinyl to give professional looking finish

About Material

Our wall decals are made from the premium vinyl, manufactured in UK with exterior lifespan of 5-7 years. The vinyl comes in Matte painted on effect finish.

How to Apply? - Instructions

Sticker will come complete with pre-applied transfer tape ready to be applied straight out of the packaging to any clean, smooth, flat surface. Application instructions will be enclosed in the package. You can also view them online here Wall Stickers Application Instructions


Q: Can my vinyl stickers be removed, after use?
A: Yes, stickers can be removed without damaging the wall paintwork. Instructions are supplied with the product.
Q: Are these wall stickers re-usable?
A: Unfortunately not, once the the sticker is applied, it cannot be repositioned or reused on different wall.
Q: Where can I apply my stickers?
A: Any flat, clean and dry surface such as walls, mirrors, glass, tiles, metal, plastic or wood, would be suitable.
Q: How long will my vinyl sticker last?
A: Our vinyl has lifespan of 5 years in outdoor conditions, however it will much longer indoor.

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